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First in-game advertising platform to tell brands stories as engaging part of game

Brands become a part of the game's objective by sponsoring in-game rewards and experiences. Players complete branded missions and collect rewards, right inside the games they love. Publishers define available rewards and monetize the game more efficiently.

Our vision

At Monetizr we believe the advertising can be good! In a couple of years, branded missions will be in every game. Brands will be a native part of each game. And instead of hating ads, users will opt-in and love the experiences.

Monetizr is the data connectivity for this new media channel. We are connecting brands directly to their target audience and creating more meaningful and engaging experiences.

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Monetizr offers an authentic ad formats that engage players and converts them into customers. Brands sponsor in-game rewards like content, experiences, boosters, etc. As well as brand loyalty points, exclusive offers, discount codes, and more.


Use sequential multi-touch placements in games for authentic brand storytelling and first-party data collection.

Game Publishers

Maximize your game's potential, explore top brand sponsorships and elevate your gaming experience.

Do you want to innovate?

Explore game monetization and brand sponsored in-game rewards to engage with your target audience in a meaningful way.