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As a game developer, you want to create an enjoyable experience for your players while also generating revenue. With Monetizr, you can do both! Our platform connects your game with top-tier brands such as P&G, BMW, Papa John's, and Anker, who are eager to engage with your young and active audience.

Through Monetizr's Branded Missions, your players can complete in-game tasks and earn sponsored rewards such as game boosters, currency, content, characters, and even product giveaways, exclusive offerings, gift cards, and more. It's a win-win for both you and your players as you provide them with a more engaging gaming experience and earn additional income for your game.

Brand appears in the main menu of a network of games.

Multiple branded missions are available to targeted players.

Players opt-in to engage with brand content (more engagement opportunities are below).

Players receive branded rewards after completing branded missions.

Easy to implement and maintain solution

for all ad formats

Add Monetizr to your game with our easy SDK. Our opt-in ad formats seamlessly integrate into the gameplay, so players can stay engaged without interruption.

Rewarded video. 6, 15, 30 second skippable and non-skippable videos.

Branded mini-game. Playable experiences that highlight your brand value proposition.

Surveys & Quizzes with 1-5 questions to gather insights from GenZ and Millennial consumers.

Email acquisition opportunities.

...and receive a free concept for your game.

Maximize your game's monetization potential

Our safe and easy-to-integrate solution provides an incremental and diversified revenue stream for your game.


gamer engagement rate


of gamers chose Monetizr over other ad formats


SDK integration time in the first game

Incremental revenue


The solution is compatible with other Ad software and ensures additional revenue sources.

Work with top


Monetizr works with brands from CPG, QSR, and beverage categories.



Programmatic supply ensures consistent fill rates.

Easy to


Integration guide and support ensure fast onboarding.

Safe solution for

your game

Our solution won’t disrupt your game’s functionality.

Native Ad


SDK looks are adapted to the game.

...and discover how to get diversified revenue stream for your games.

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Maximize your game's potential with Monetizr. Join now to explore top brand sponsorships and elevate your gaming experience. We'll match your game with the perfect fit and guarantee player satisfaction through every sponsored mission and reward.