Mobile Games Boost Fabric Care Brand Engagement in LatAm

Branded experiences resonate with consumers in the LatAm market, offering effective engagement and first-party data acquisition.


CPA Email

24 sec

Brand attention 🇲🇽

22 sec

Brand attention 🇨🇱

Company overview

Recognized for its exceptional fabric care solutions, this household brand has long been synonymous with premium quality and a commitment to nurturing fabrics. The market leader in fabric enhancers in the U.S. with a diverse range of products, their offerings cater to various fabric needs, delivering a delicate touch that preserves the softness and freshness of clothing.


Establish a new channel dedicated to educating consumers in Mexico and Chile about product usage and features, while also collecting essential first-party data. This initiative ensures a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences and behavior.


Introduce multi-touch brand placements with customized rewards and create pre- and post-engagement surveys to assess impact. Utilize branded quests across Monetizr's extensive selection of 500+ mobile games, aiming to foster connections, promote products, and encourage player interaction, including the sharing of email information.

Utilize Monetizr's extensive selection of 500+ mobile games, incorporating branded quests to engage and captivate consumers, promote products, and encourage players to share their contact details.


🇲🇽 Mexico, 🇨🇱 Chile


$1.27 CPA email

10% email conversion rate

24.47 sec brand attention 🇲🇽

22.52 sec brand attention 🇨🇱

* To ensure brand confidentiality, we have used a neutral placeholder for the fabric care brand name in this case study.

The campaign in motion


Brand appears in the main menu


Branded missions


Rewarded 6 sec video


Reward in exchange for an email address


Post-engagement survey (2 questions)


The fabric care brand in the LatAm🇲🇽🇨🇱 market leveraged branded experiences and interactive mini-games to boost engagement and gather vital first-party data, resulting in notable success.

With a $1.27 CPA Email and impressive brand attention rates of 24.47 seconds in Mexico and 22.52 seconds in Chile, the campaign surpassed industry benchmarks, demonstrating the effectiveness of incorporating branded missions and interactive content in consumer outreach. This case study illustrates how strategic gamification can be a powerful tool for engaging consumers and acquiring valuable data in the Latin American market.

"The success seen in the LatAm market underscores our commitment to leveraging innovative strategies that resonate with our consumers. The remarkable engagement metrics and data acquisition exemplify the effectiveness of our approach in establishing a deeper connection with our audience, further solidifying the brand's position as a leader in fabric care solutions."

Andris Merkulovs

Monetizr Co-founder & CEO

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