Global Vitamin Brand Surpasses Video Ad Benchmarks 4X

Branded missions, multi-touch brand rewards, and engagement surveys deftly connects with mobile gamers.


Video advertising benchmarks

34 sec.

Brand attention


Survey completion

Company overview

The vitamin supplement, owned by the world's biggest PG, is based on vitamins, minerals and microbiotic ferments, is specially formulated to support the immune system and help the body to protect itself.


Find a new channel that can help create brand experiences to educate consumers about product usage and features.


Launch branded mini-games with multi-touch brand placements and design pre- and post-engagement surveys to measure effectiveness. Implement branded quests in Monetizr’s vast array of 500+ mobile games aiming to connect with and captivate consumers, endorse products, and encourage players to share their email information.


🇧🇷 Brazil


4X video advertising benchmarks

11,661,813 sec overall brand attention

34.12 sec brand attention

76.62% survey completion

57.25 sec avg. survey completion time

* To ensure brand confidentiality, we have used a neutral placeholder for the consumer health brand name in this case study.

The campaign in motion


Brand message


Branded missions


Rewarded brand advertisement (15 seconds)


Reward claimed


Post-engagement survey (3 questions)


Using a combination of branded missions, multi-touch brand rewards, and engagement surveys, we crafted a compelling campaign that deftly connected with the players. Overall, the campaign results surpassed 4x video advertising industry benchmarks and increased over engagement rates.

✅ Through gaming, Monetizr replaced tracking methods and helped safeguard the brand’s automated ad spend, manage ad frequency, and refine target settings.

"In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, mobile gaming has emerged as a powerful channel for marketers to capture the attention of their target audience. In the past brand brand owners seeking to be organically integrated in the lives of end consumers have found mobile gaming fragmented and difficult to activate brands at scale. That is not the case any more."

Martins Bratuskins

Monetizr Co-founder & COO

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