Engaging ad experiences in top mobile games

The highest consumer engagement channel for CPG brands to reach and engage with GenZ and Millennial consumers in a scalable way.


Consumers globally and 78M in the US


High engagement rate

35 sec

Engagement time on average

What is Monetizr?

Monetizr is a gaming ad-tech platform for brands. We enable brand marketers to launch gaming activations at scale, and achieve unprecedented engagement metrics with GenZ and Millennial audiences.

Building a brand experience in video games is easier than you think. We integrate brand stories at scale into a network of 500+ mobile games. Our programmatic advertising experience platform for CPG brands quickly, safely, and seamlessly reaches, and engages GenZ and Millennial consumers in their favorite games.

Brand activation

Depending on the size and/or scale, this will be activated across a network of games


Brand appears in the main menu of a network of games.


Multiple branded missions are available to targeted players.


Players opt-in to engage with brand content.


Players receive branded rewards after completing branded missions.


Post-engagement survey (optional).

Additional brand placements

Create relationships with GenZ and Millennial players with Monetizr's exclusive engagement tools, including branded videos, mini-games, surveys, rewards, 1st party data collection, and more.

Rewarded video. 6, 15, 30 second skippable and non-skippable videos.

Branded mini-game. Playable experiences that highlight your brand value proposition.

Surveys & Quizzes with 1-5 questions to gather insights from GenZ and Millennial consumers.

Email acquisition opportunities.

Why brands choose Monetizr

GenZ & Millennial


Reach 78M in the US and 300M consumers globally via Monetizr’s gaming network.

Native ad-formats

with 31% engagement

Tell an authentic brand story at scale right inside the games your target costumes love.

First party


Create direct-to-consumer relations by gathering emails, feedback, insights, or by asking questions.

Third party


Verify campaign metrics with an industry leaders like Nielsen and Comscore.

Full funnel


Awareness, consideration & conversions to drive loyalty, subscriptions or purchases.



DSP partnerships - programmatic targeting, placements, and inventory buying.

CPG brand roadmap for first 12 months

1-2 weeks setup:

- Brand asset preparation

- Monthly budget approval

- Green light from Brand Team

First 3 months:

- A/B testing & optimization

- Setting benchmarks

- Weekly KPI check-ins

Setting up the next campaign:

- Seasonal adjustments

- Monthly KPI check-ins

"In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, mobile gaming has emerged as a powerful channel for marketers to capture the attention of their target audience. In the past brand brand owners seeking to be organically integrated in the lives of end consumers have found mobile gaming fragmented and difficult to activate brands at scale. That is not the case any more."

Martins Bratuskins

Monetizr Co-founder & COO

Want to learn more? Check out some of our most exciting success stories to date. From mobile mini-games, to multi-touch brand placements and customized rewards, discover how some of the world's biggest brands are leveraging Monetizr's in-game ad experience platform to drive success.

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